Nail Fungus Solutions

Nail fungus is a common problem that maximum notice mainly on toenails. If you are infected by this fungus then you will notice brown, yellow or white substance in your toenail. You may easily get infected by this virus so you need think about Nail fungus solution. You will not face any complexity at the beginning but when its level increases you will notice nail thickening and crack. So before complexity arises you need to do treatment. There are many treatments to stop this fungal infection but here you will get to know about the most beneficial one.

It has both medicinal and home treatments for this infection. If you choose medicinal treatment then it might have some side effects. So without going to medicinal cure, it is wise to choose some home treatment for nail fungus.

Nail Fungus Solution

Below I am listing some affordable and easily available home remedies to deal with this fungal infection. Everything that I am going to list doesn’t lead to any type of side effect. Check below some nail fungus solution.

  1. Vicks VapoRub

You all might aware of this product which normally used to fight against the cold virus. It is an ointment that contains camphor, eucalyptus oil. Due to its ingredients, Vicks vapor up is very helpful to deal with nail fungus. Just apply few amount of gel in the affected area for few days once daily. After two or three days you will notice your toenail is free from fungal infection.

  1. Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil contains natural antifungal and antiseptic ingredients. According to different studies, it is found that tea oil is very helpful for nail fungus. Tea oil is widely available, you need to just pick some amount of tea tree oil on cotton and rinse on the affected areas. Applying for few days you can get out of this infection.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar contains anecdotal which can heal nail fungus. It also contains dilute acetic acid which is effective and harmless. It is totally safe to try this Vinegar treatment at home. Add some amount of vinegar in warm water and soak the infected nail in it. Continue this treatment for few days until the fungal infection totally disappears.

  1. Listerine

It is another home remedy to deal with nail fungus. Listerine contains many antifungal and antibacterial things as eucalyptus and menthol which are very effective for nail fungus. Soak your toenails on Listerine solution for 10 to 20 minutes at night daily.

  1. Garlic

Garlic contains many antibacterial and antifungal substances that can cure your nail fungus. To do this treatment you need to make a paste of garlic and apply it to the affected area. Keep this paste for 1 hour then wash it with warm water. Apply this for few days and you will see that nail is healing.

  1. Ozonized oils

Sunflower oil and Olive oil are Ozonized oil that presents in our kitchen. As per 2011 study, oil of sunflower seed and olive contain a low amount of concentrated ozone that helps in deactivating growth of bacteria and fungus. It is also found that regular use of any of the two in affected nails is an effective nail fungus solution.

Here I have listed that are easily available and affordable. Always medicinal treatment is not necessary as many home remedies can do the task for you. Nail fungus is a common issue which doesn’t require any medicine. You simply pick any of the above-listed nail fungus solution and heal your affected toenail.

Nail Fungus Symptoms

Any part of your body can be affected by fungal infection and there can be multiple reasons why you caught a fungal infection in any part of your body. One of the worst parts where fungal infection can occur is “NAILS”. Nail fungus infection is caused due to overtime exposure to a fungus called tinea unguium. The fungal infection can be unnoticeable for a long time and sometime you may also tend to ignore the signs of being infected due to ignorance.

And as we have already discussed, there are many causes of the Nail fungus and if you are already suffering from one then you will defiantly need medical attention. As ignoring the nail fungal infection can make it even more worse.

So if you want to avoid even getting this fungal infection if you don’t have one then watch out for the symptoms of nail fungus that we will talk about today. But before that, let us talk about the causes of the nail fungus infection.

Causes of Nail Fungus Infection:

As I have already told you earlier that, nail fungus infection can have a lot of causes. The main reason being the overgrowth of the fungi underneath or over or on the nail. This cause of the fungal infection is really shown and can be treated easily but environmental conditions like most, warm conditions can boost its growth. And so if you are facing a with any of causes mentioned below then you should start taking precaution right now.

Who are at a risk of catching the Nail Fungus infection?

  1. If you have diabetes then you have a high risk of catching this fungal infection.
  2. If you have narrow blood vessel or any other reason why your body can’t circulate blood properly to any part (especially fingers) of the body then it can use the fungal infection.
  3. Older age (over 65) plays a vital role in for the fungal infection causes.
  4. If you are wearing fake nails when you are at high risk of catching the nail fungus infection.
  5. Swimming in public pool can cause fungal infection.
  6. If you have received any injury to your nail and didn’t treat it properly then it can cause nail fungal infection.
  7. Even if you a had skin injury near your nail this can trigger a nail fungal infection.
  8. If you are exposed to highly humid condition for long period of time, especially on your fingers then you risk of catching nail fungal infection.
  9. Last but not the least, if you have a weak immune system then you can cause many diseases easily especially nail fungal infection.

Being exposed to these conditions can trigger nail fungal infection. So if you have faced any of the conditions then lookout for the symptoms below and study whether you have nail fungal infection or not.

Common Sign of Nail Fungal Infection:

  1. Thickened nail with the dark spot.
  2. Odor coming from the nail.
  3. Broken nail that hurts all the time.

Most Prominent Sign of Nail fungal infection:

  1. Signs of scaling under the nails/nail.
  2. Deep yellow and white lines on the nail.
  3. Corner of the nail which looks distorted.
  4. Prolong whitish nail.
  5. The nail growth area turns yellowish.
  6. Nails are weak and breaks or falls off.

So these are the causes and the symptoms of nail fungal infection. If you are exposed to the environmental causes of the nail fungal infection and are also facing the symptoms then you should take precaution right now. And in case you already have the infection then seek medical attention right now.

Nail Fungus Prevention Method

The yellow color formation on your nail is not that major concerned to be worried about. Most of the formation of the yellow color nail is due to the fungus present in it. Sometimes it can get hard to treat the diseases that are caused in your toenails by fungus. But if you take some preventive steps to avoid it from happening then you can actually stay free from nail fungus infection. Today we will guide you by providing necessary information on Nail fungus prevention method.

Usually, the infections occur when you nails remain wet and are not exposed to air for the necessary time. And the reasons are mostly because of wearing wet socks filled with sweats and from the weak immune system. There is good news for you for those who have to suffer from fungus problems. One can easily treat the fungal infections that are caused in your nails. All you have to need to do is follow the methods that we are about to discuss below in brief.

Nail Fungus Prevention Method:

After you successfully finish treating you nail fungal infection. Below are the suggested and necessary steps provided that you need to follow to prevent the infection from coming again.

Always Keep Your Feet Dry:

Remember that wet place is the portion of your nail where the infection grows. It is very important to maintain dry feet and make sure your nail is completely dry. After you finish taking shower always try to keep your feet dry to avoid the fungal growth.

Use the antibacterial foot powder and spread it on your foot or sprinkle it on your shoes. Always wear fresh socks and keep on changing it time by time to avoid fungal infection.

Soak Your Nail In A Solution Of Weak Acid:

If you notice some spots forming on your nail then we recommend you to soak your nail in the solutions. And the portion of the solution must be filled with vinegar and five parts of water.

This method is used as the fungus cannot survive in an acidic solution and it prevent them growing on your feet.

Make your Immune System Strong:

The weak immune system is one of the reasons that give the scope to the growth of fungus. Maintain your health active and keep it free from stress by doing meditation or exercises.

And it is very necessary to maintain a sleep duration of 7 hours and keep your body healthy.

Always Wash Your Socks By Using Disinfectants:

Right before you wash your socks add a capful of liquid disinfectants into the water and make a solution of it. Soak the socks that you are going to wash and keep it for a while to kill the germs.

Do it each time before you wash any of your socks. If you keep on following this method then you will avoid the growth of fungus in your nails.

Avoid Snipping:

It is no wonder that your cuticle is basically a scar tissue. And it is the only last option to defense your nail bed from the attack against bacteria or fungus.

When you slice it away, you open a way for the fungus to grow on them ultimately creating infection on it. Instead of using the snipping to clean your nail it is better to wash your toes and keep it clean that way.

Final Words:

In this post, we have concluded nail fungus prevention method and to avoid them from growing back again. And if you are having serious fungus infection we suggest you try some natural remedies. Note that, those are who suffering from diabetes they should take proper care of their and prevent the infections. Also if you are a regular smoker, you better quit it as it brings the possibilities to cause the fungal infection on your nails.