Nail Fungus Symptoms

Any part of your body can be affected by fungal infection and there can be multiple reasons why you caught a fungal infection in any part of your body. One of the worst parts where fungal infection can occur is “NAILS”. Nail fungus infection is caused due to overtime exposure to a fungus called tinea unguium. The fungal infection can be unnoticeable for a long time and sometime you may also tend to ignore the signs of being infected due to ignorance.

And as we have already discussed, there are many causes of the Nail fungus and if you are already suffering from one then you will defiantly need medical attention. As ignoring the nail fungal infection can make it even more worse.

So if you want to avoid even getting this fungal infection if you don’t have one then watch out for the symptoms of nail fungus that we will talk about today. But before that, let us talk about the causes of the nail fungus infection.

Causes of Nail Fungus Infection:

As I have already told you earlier that, nail fungus infection can have a lot of causes. The main reason being the overgrowth of the fungi underneath or over or on the nail. This cause of the fungal infection is really shown and can be treated easily but environmental conditions like most, warm conditions can boost its growth. And so if you are facing a with any of causes mentioned below then you should start taking precaution right now.

Who are at a risk of catching the Nail Fungus infection?

  1. If you have diabetes then you have a high risk of catching this fungal infection.
  2. If you have narrow blood vessel or any other reason why your body can’t circulate blood properly to any part (especially fingers) of the body then it can use the fungal infection.
  3. Older age (over 65) plays a vital role in for the fungal infection causes.
  4. If you are wearing fake nails when you are at high risk of catching the nail fungus infection.
  5. Swimming in public pool can cause fungal infection.
  6. If you have received any injury to your nail and didn’t treat it properly then it can cause nail fungal infection.
  7. Even if you a had skin injury near your nail this can trigger a nail fungal infection.
  8. If you are exposed to highly humid condition for long period of time, especially on your fingers then you risk of catching nail fungal infection.
  9. Last but not the least, if you have a weak immune system then you can cause many diseases easily especially nail fungal infection.

Being exposed to these conditions can trigger nail fungal infection. So if you have faced any of the conditions then lookout for the symptoms below and study whether you have nail fungal infection or not.

Common Sign of Nail Fungal Infection:

  1. Thickened nail with the dark spot.
  2. Odor coming from the nail.
  3. Broken nail that hurts all the time.

Most Prominent Sign of Nail fungal infection:

  1. Signs of scaling under the nails/nail.
  2. Deep yellow and white lines on the nail.
  3. Corner of the nail which looks distorted.
  4. Prolong whitish nail.
  5. The nail growth area turns yellowish.
  6. Nails are weak and breaks or falls off.

So these are the causes and the symptoms of nail fungal infection. If you are exposed to the environmental causes of the nail fungal infection and are also facing the symptoms then you should take precaution right now. And in case you already have the infection then seek medical attention right now.

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